About ACBS

The Asian Confederation of Billiard Sports (ACBS) is an organisation that governs non-professional snooker and English billiards in the asian region.
The Asian Billiards & Snooker Federation (ABSF), now renamed the Asian Confederation of Billiards Sports (ACBS), was officially inaugurated in 1984 with eight founding member countries, of which Malaysia was one.

Mohamed Al-Nuaimi
President of ACBS


ACBS looks forward to promote and publicise the billiard sports through Asia to consolidate friendship and multilateral amicable relations among countries and nations.


The mission of ACBS is to sanction, organize, and oversee billiard sports events which gather the Asian member countries players. Our function is to enable Asian non-professional billiard sports player to compete and polish their skills. ACBS is keen to represent Asian billiard sports in international sports organizations events and institutions.

To achieve its mission ACBS will:

  • promote, foster, sanction and promulgate all forms of “Billiard Sports”, namely snooker, pool, English billiards and carom, throughout Asia;
  • advise NSAs on all aspects of organising competitions, especially “Snooker & Billiards”, under the ACBS Tournament Conditions;
  • foster friendly relationship among all NSAs regardless of their affiliation status with the Confederation;
  • co-operate with WCBS, IBSF and any other international/regional organisations of Billiard Sports for the common promotion thereof;
  • become joint partners, sponsors, promoters and organizers for the sport;
  • secure long lasting sponsors for the ACBS and its sports events;
  • promote Billiards Sports on the internet and specially social media;
  • help promote disciplines of pool and carom and to work closely with APBU and ACBC for organizing Billiard Sports competitions at multi-sport events within Asia; and
  • do any such other things or matters that will further enhance the good image of the sport and/or the Confederation.