ACBS 6-Reds and Teams Championship Will Take Place in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
The Kyrgyz Snooker Federation (KSF) will host, for the first time, the ACBS 6-Reds and Teams Championship during the period (28th June till 5th July, 2017) in the capital Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. ACBS has put its confidence and trust in KSF to host such a big and important Championship of Asian snooker. Till yet 11 ACBS member countries have registered to participate with over 50 players to put their capability into test in these competitions. The participant countries are: Hong Kong, UAE, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Thailand, Bahrain, and the host country. These events will witness heated competitions and sportsmanship on the Asian and regional levels. It’s a good opportunity for the Kyrgyz players to showcase their skill on their own ground and experience competitions with their Asian counterparts. ​ The winner and runner up of 6-Reds will be nominated to patriciate in the World Sangsom 6-Reds championship that will take place in Thailand in the coming September. View Fullscreen
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