ACBS has sent invitation letters (via email) to all its member countries notifying them that the 32nd AGM of ACBS and elections for the post of ACBS President will be held during the 33rd ACBS Men’s snooker championship that will take place in Doha- Qatar during the period from 22nd – 28th of April​, 2017. Member country were requested to send an official letter in the member’s Association/Federation letterhead informing the name of the Delegate who will attend the 32nd AGM of the ACBS on behalf of their Association/Federation, to the ACBS Secretary General.
It is now clear that the current ACBS President Mr. Mubarak Al Khayarin will quit his position on 26th April, 2017 for the sake of keeping an equal distance with all continental billiard sports bodies as the new President of IBSF.

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