Aditya Mehta of India has reached into the knockout stage of Asian 10Red Tour by winning all his group matches. He now stands top in the Group-D followed by Pongsakorn Chongjairak of Thailand, Laxman Rawat of India and Aung Phyo of Myanmar. It wasn’t that easy for Aditya to stay on top of his group as he managed to win two matches on decider. His first match was against Aung Phyo where he went down 1-3 and faced break of 103 from Phyo, but showing his determination, he won next three frames in a row to beat Aung Phyo 4-3. In his next match yesterday, he was leading 3-0 against his compatriot Laxman Rawat, but had to wait as Laxman bounced back to take away two crucial frames and narrowed the deficit. In that tense situation Aditya held his nerve much stronger and won the sixth frame and match as well 4-2. Today also, Aditya was leading two frames and made a crisp break of 60 points in first frame but after that he started struggling and lost next three frames. However, he recovered with a break of 58 in 6th frame and then countered Pongsakorn Chongjairak in decider and won by 8 points 4-3.

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