Both the players from Iran, Amir Sarkhosh and Siyavosh Mozayani missed their respective century breaks during the last session of the day. On table-1, Siyavosh was playing against Khamis Alobaidli of Qatar. He had already scored a break of 66 in the second frame and had a very good chance to score a century break in the third frame, which he missed. In the third frame, he started with a long red pot and then potted the blue to get the proper position for the red-black combination. There he accumulated certain red-black combinations. Later for a crucial shot, he had to return to the blue spot and went out of position for the next red. Although he tried but missed and his break ended on 88. On table-5, his compatriot and former World No.2, Amir Sarkhosh missed his century break by only 2 points. Amir was compiling the break with a good flow but on last red, he hit extra hard that caused him to wobble on the top pocket and the break ended on 98. However, they both won their respective matches 4-0.

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