Snooker doubles was the next discipline that concluded today for Billiard Sports in 30th SEA Games 2019 where team Malaysia with their players Moh Keen Hoo and Kok Leong Lim won GOLD for their country. In the final, they defeated team Philippines having current their players, world No.2 Jefrey Roda and Alvin Barbero. Final score was 3-1 in favour of Malaysia. Malaysian boys dominated the match since start and secured first two frames with an ease (97-12, 72-04). In third frame, Philippines players turn around the situation to take some relief by winning the frame 70-08, but before they could force decider, Malaysian players settled the score with score line 71-16 in fourth frame and won 3-1 to confirm GOLD for the country. Earlier in Semi Finals, Malaysia beat Singapore (Kingsley Ang and Lim Chun Kiat) whereas Philippines beat Myanmar (Ko Htet and Thet Min Lin). Being semi-finalists, Singapore and Myanmar shared joint bronze.

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