The World Pool Association (WPA) has officially announced the Asian Confederation of Billiard Sports (ACBS) as the new Continental member for the Asia region. Following an official Media Release on 19th September 2022, Mr. Ian Anderson, the President of WPA announced the acceptance of ACBS as the newly appointed member of the WPA and emphasized the importance of their role in assisting with the promotion and development of Billiards Sports in Asia.

“Asia consists of many countries and they have produced some of the world’s best male, female and junior players for the sport. We welcome ACBS into the WPA family and are looking forward to working closely with them in future”, said Mr. Anderson. ACBS President, Mr. Mohammed Salem Al-Nuaimi was very excited about the appointment and is pleased with the recognition by WPA. “Asia is a big continent and under ACBS, we have produced many Billiard Sports talent in the past, be it in Snooker, Carom and Pool discipline. We have been actively promoting all Billiard Sports disciplines and have also assisted in the organizing of Billiard Sports event in all Multi-Sports Games across Asia”. “We are grateful to be trusted by WPA to carry out our new role in Asia and together we will work closely with our members and the WPA to lead the Sports to greater heights. Most importantly, ACBS will focus on the development of young and potential talent. This will help in the sustainability and the future development of the sports in Asia” Mr. Al-Nuaimi quoted. Brief Information of ACBS: Asian Confederation of Billiard Sports (ACBS) is the governing body of all Billiard Sports disciplines in the Asia region accredited by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), General Association of Asian Sports Federations (GAASF) and South-East Asia Games Federation (SEAGF) and West Asia Sports Federation (WASF) ACBS currently has a membership of over 40 countries throughout the Asia Continent.

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