AL FUJAIRAH: The Pakistani team, anchored by Muhammad Asif and Babar Masih, defeated their Iranian counterparts 3-1 (88-40, 76-14, 20-76, 74-15) to emerge winners of the Men’s Snooker Team event of the 1st Asian Billiard Sports Championship in Al Fujairah on Friday. Masih set the tone for the day for the Pakistanis with his 88-40 drubbing of Iran’s Soheil Vahedi in the first frame before Asif extended the lead for his team in his match against Amir Sarkhosh. The doubles, however, ended in favour of the Iranians as their effective combination produced the desired result of halting the advancement of the Pakistani who would have ended the game at the third frame had it been they won. The huge gulf in class between the two teams eventually emerged in the fourth frame with Asif proving that the third frame win was a fluke for their opponent as he decisively knocked the wind out of Vahedi’s sail to end the encounter as a no-contest with his 74-15 win, thereby ensuring a comfortable win for country at the event. “We are happy to have won the maiden edition of this competition. We played against a worthy opponent that really gave us a scare especially in the third frame. I must commend the organisers for putting up such an impressive tournament. I would also like to thank my teammate as well as our officials for this victory. We hope to continue to make big impacts not only in the continent but on a global level as well,” beamed Asif a.k.a Pawa, the 2012 IBSF World Snooker Championship winner, after the match.

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