Myanmar’s Aung Phyo grabbed the spotlight on day-1 with a spectacular 103 points break against Indian player Aditya Mehta. Having this break, Phyo took a commanding 3-1 lead, but after that he struggled and lost 4-3. Similarly, in his match against World Under-21 runner-up, Pongsakorn Chongjairak of Thailand, Phyo was leading 2-nil, but once again some unforced errors clutched him back and Pongsakorn countered him well to win 4-2. Despite all these losses, his break of 103 was worth watching where he shown his excellence in selection of shots and confirming with best possible positioning for next. Amir Sarkhosh of Iran also scored century break (100) while playing against Yazan Alhadad of Syria. He later won the match 4-0. Thanawat Thirapongpaeboon of Thailand missed the last pink to finish his break on 87 and missed the chance to score century break.

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