On the opening day of 19th Asian Junior Snooker Championship, Pongsakorn Chongjairak of Thailand gave a crackling start to his campaign by scoring two century breaks of 122 and 102.
Pongsakorn was playing against Keishin Kamihashi of Japan and in the opening frame he scored 122-point clearance. After that, he also scored another century break of 102 in third frame to take 3-0 lead. However, Keishin snached did some damage control and snatched the fourth frame 109-22 but Pongsakorn again took charge and won the fifth frame to closed the proceedings 4-1.
In 17th Asian Men Billiards Championship, Indian ace cueist and defending champion Pankaj Advani shown his class by winning his first match against Yee Tech Shin of Singapore in a great style. He scored full clearance breaks in all four games. His breaks of 98, 100, 100 and 100 did not allow Yee Tech to score any point in last three games.
Meanwhile in 2nd Asian Women Snooker Championship, multiple world title holder Siripaporn Nuanthakhamjan of Thailand struggled in the first frame against Ka Kai Wan of Hong Kong but managed to win that frame on black ball game. Though her second frame was comparatively easy that helped her to defeat Ka Kai Wan 2-0.
The opening ceremony also took place for all these three championships where Michael Al-Khoury of Syria represented Asian Confederation of Billiard Sports in his capacity as Secretary General and overseer of the competitions. He was joined by other dignitaries from Myanmar. The opening ceremony was followed by Cultural Dance Program in towards the end.

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