Mohamed Shehab of the UAE thumped Hong Kong’s Chi Wai Au 6-4 (9-35, 51-0, 68-0, 0-51, 55-1, 47-0, 32-39, 44-45, 40-10, 59-22) to emerge champions in the Snooker Single Men (6 Reds) of the 1st Asian Billiard Sports Championships held at the Concorde Al-Fujairah Hotel in Al Fujairah on Sunday. The 39-year-old Emirati wowed the large crowd of home fans who thronged the venue of the tournament with his calm composure and precise shots as he battled against the 46-year-old Au, who had trounced India’s Kamal Chawla in the semi-finals before setting the showdown with the Emirati. For Shehab, it was a sweet victory against a worthy opponent who was one of the favourites of the tournament. The soft-spoken champion who had a tournament break of 142, one of the highest of the competition, began the match on a losing note in the first frame but showed the stuff champions are made of as he staged a dramatic comeback to take the next two frames in row before succumbing in the fourth. He then took the next two in dynamic fashion and by the time the match got to the tenth frame, there was no doubt where the balance is tilting. “I am happy that I won today and I am equally happy that I won against a worthy opponent. The competition was tough but I gave a very good account of myself. I believe that this is the beginning of greater things to come,” champion Shehab said.

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